Keren is a Middle-Eastern, Amsterdam based performer | maker | movement researcher. Through her works and artistic practice, she seeks to articulate a new physical and social political gaze over the body and the environment it functions in; Hunting for rituals and physicality that can liquify boundaries between body and environment, between social skins and the primal body underneath. Questioning queer and social political context from a hetro-fluid perspective, while creating multidisciplinary collaborations with artists from the fields of Photography, Film, Design, Sound and Theory.

As a movement researcher, Keren was invited in 2011 by Ohad Naharin to study the Gaga movement language and become a certified teacher. Sincethen She has been invited to teach Gaga and her Choreographic practice in Professional institutions, dance companies and festivals around Holland, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

Keren is currently artist in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam:

Bits of me:
I am fascinated with the body and the embodiment of the personality with and through it. How human energy channels itself, the volume of its presence and its ability to transform and expose hidden truths. Growing up in the rave culture along the coast of the Mediterranean sea, I felt the urgency to be emancipated and free from social and political hierarchies and to strive for a genuine unmasked human connection. I am coming from the body as an expressive and performative instrument, yet I believe in the importance in establishing dimensions around it. As a Punk-rock-techno artivist I need to be confronted with my own ideas, I believe that you get a stronger sense of who you are from the reflection you have on your surroundings. Only then, as social-human beings we really get to witness each other and experience the meaning of true unattained encounters.