Gender Fuck[er] 

Gender Fuck[er] is an international collaboration between two makers; Choreographer, film maker and photographer, Graham Adey (SE/GB) and choreographer, performer and movement researcher Keren Rosenberg (NL/IL). A year-long profound dialogue between the two artists, conceived an award winning short-film, a full length performance and photo exhibition. The performance premiered at Dansstationen (Malmö, Sweden) on November 2016, followed by Dutch premier May 2017 and performances in Amsterdam followed by performances in the 2017 Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and performances in Rotterdam Pride at MAAS theatre as well as international tour in Sadler’s Wells (UK), Blender festival (IL), Malmo Pride 2017.  

Performance Trailer:

KEREN 60seconds dance film:

Gender Fuck[er] is a full length performance which breaths between a rock concert, a tragedy and a night club. The work set to question the roles and perception of the male looking onto a female, taking it out of the traditional condition by morphing the female into a male and vice versa. Through this collaboration both artists seek to accomplish something they could not do individually, which is to bring together two perspectives, a female and male onto one body and to explore the fluidity of identity through the physical, emotional and contextual perception of gender. The work challenges the division of roles by unleashing and building a masculine conviction within a vulnerable yet powerful female body

// Reviews of GENDER FUCK[ER]

"Rosenberg is amazing to watch: as a man, as a woman and everything in the in between." Volkskrant magazine

“A brilliant performance. Rosenberg’s considerable ability to transform allows the audience to question their own pre-conceived notions of gender by the way we judge this performance in itself.” Rachel Nouchi, London Dance Magazine

4 stars - “Rosenberg transforms her body from masculine to famine throughout with astonishing movement and physical change.” Hanna Gosling, Get The Chance Magazine

“Keren shifts between small and out-acting movement, swaying between male and female. With a surrealistic imagery she creates a multi-faceted performance about gender, identity and power.”  Ingela Brovik, Danstidningen

 “On the stage, Keren Rosenberg has total presence, presenting patterns and behaviours associated to "masculine" or "feminine". To Danzig´s violent song "Mother", she acts out an aggressive rock star register, and showing femininity she enters the role of a wired up doll, skilfully playing two characters at once: graceful lady and mechanical toy - a good image of how norms turn us into robots” Tor Billgren, Sydsvenskan

Co-creation/Direction Graham Adey / Co-creation/Performance Keren Rosenberg / Light Design Marcus Gustafsson/ Mentorship/Production Khamlane Halsackda (Without Walls, SE) / Production management Eliana Oikawa (in-discourse, SE) and Diane Elshout (Researching Bodies NL) / Co-produced by Dansstationen

Made With the support of Konstärsnämnden (SE), The city of Malmö (SE) and in-discourse (SE) and Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunst with Special thanks to Uli Ruchlinski, Chris Schenlaer and Mediaverkstasden.