In this duet, the dance artists Keren Rosenberg and Charlie Prince reflect on the geo-political boundaries that have been imposed on them.  This performance will premiere during the Moving Futures dance festival on the 22nd of May

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”This performance confronts us with the limitations that have been imposed on us. We create our own universe through fearless and emancipated physicality. This is our way of imagining the unimaginable.   We look for the friction, between what we try to hide or soften, to no longer stay a taboo between you and us”.

NOT ON THIS EARTH seeks the space for recognizing the reality of the other, a reality that is different, often contradictory, but not impossible to understand or accept. 

The physical investigation is a complex dialogue in which different and even conflicting perspectives, opinions, and truths can co-exist. The work does not try to find a solution for conflicts, but tries to create space or land where the boundaries of the known can be stretched. Without the need for reconciliation, but with the desire for and urgency of communication and exchange.'

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  With much love,

Charlie & Keren

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