A dance performance addressing the issue of borders and conflict  Premier May -2019

Work by Keren Rosenberg & Charlie Prince in collaboration with Filmmaker |photographer Paul Sixta and Visual artist/designer Tony Markus Sacharias.

An intimate documentary made by Paul Sixta- capturing our challenges and vulnerabilities in the face of this process. https://vimeo.com/254178006

Project Tumblr page: https://notonthisearth.tumblr.com/

Research preview trailer:https://vimeo.com/265976251

We are Keren Rosenberg and Charlie Prince. One of us comes from Lebanon and the other from Israel, we grew up 150km away from each other, yet, our bodies could never meet due to the sealed border between the countries. In 2014, we met during a workshop that Keren was facilitating in Amsterdam, which is where our story begins; while having dinner together for the first time, what had started as an innocent conversation about our political and historical past, turned into a charged exchange; given that we both experienced different realities and Charlie fled Lebanon in 2006 due to the conflict with Israel.

We also learned that both of our fathers fought in the same war 30 years ago but on different sides. Nevertheless, our attraction towards each other’s artistry and sense of humanism has allowed us to surpass the invisible border that historically separated our bodies. We have since then been exchanging, crossing paths, growing in parallel universes, creating the foundation for what to become our shared project under the title of: 

WHAT ARE WE CREATING? Emerging from and as a result of this conflict, we are interested in creating our own imagined universe and to connect to our bodies underneath its geopolitical skin. Dealing with the dramaturgy of our bodies, through the use imagery, symbolism and landscape while allowing the friction between what we seek to hide or sooth to no longer remain a taboo between us. It is our way of re-imagining by referring to the body’s memory, skin, flesh and voice.

With this performance, our motivation is to question the normative-political approach to conflict by subverting symbols of power. As a part of our journey, we are building our imagined universe in close collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Paul Sixta and visual artist/designer Tony Markus Sacharias. 


Our project is produced by The House of Victorious Humans and co-produced by Dansmakers Amsterdam under the artistic direction of Suzy Blok and will premier in the opening of the Amsterdam Moving Futures festival in May 2019, followed by performances and workshops at Tangente Danse, Montreal in the Fall of 2019. During our creation phase we are also invited to the international residency center for artists BICRA in Bornholm island, Denmark. 

Our work is far from done, in fact, we have only just begun: we feel a strong urgency to realize this project and share it by inviting audiences to witness this rare and important moment of exchange and reflect together with us on their perception of borders and conflict.

We are extremely grateful for the belief and support of Dansmakers Amsterdam and Tangente Danse, yet, we feel the mission in creating further opportunities meeting points where we can come together, share and present the body of our work.

We are presently seeking for further opportunities to perform our work and share our project, we love to hear from you

** Apart from making our performance, we seek to create an active culture around the theme, therefore, we are developing context program in the forms of workshop, symposium and exhibition that will support our call to open up discussion and invite people to engage with the topic of borders and conflict as it relates to their own lives.

For further information, please contact:

Suzy Blok: Suzy@dansmakers.nl  or Keren Rosenberg: keren.air@gmail.com


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  With much love,

Charlie & Keren

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